Coming Soon: St. Ray Day

I do this thing where, even when I’m really excited about something and thinking to myself, “Man, you totally ought to get that up on the blog,” I find a way to piss around as though I’m NOT excited about that certain something, until it’s the day before a special guest is scheduled to appear on the radio show or something like that and I’m finally getting around to mentioning it. Which, in case you actually need to be told, is a bullshit way to handle your business.

SO – welcome to the post that gives you MORE THAN TWO WEEKS’ NOTICE that November 29, 2012 at the 68Comeback Special shall heretofore be referred to as St. Ray Day, in honour of our very special guest that day, St. Raymond of Biesinger.

How much do I really need to tell you? This fella is the patron saint of getting excellent shit done excellently, and his latest example of THAT is THIS:

By way of celebrating, Ray and Garrett – The Famines, we call them – will be playing bona fide Alberta shows. After their 68Comeback Special experience on the 29th, they will let it roll down the highway for a little soiree at Calgary’s Broken City, after which they will turn around and come right back so as to knock everybody in Wunderbar completely flat on the 30th. In two words: Recommended, Bub.

But okay, so maybe you’re too young or too old to go out at night, or you’re under house arrest, or you live in an iron lung, or you’ll lose your squat in the best doorway in the city if you leave it unattended to go to a rock show. Okay. None of these things are stopping you from tuning in between 3 and 5 pm on November 29th, or any damn Thursday afternoon, for that matter!

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