I Phone You And Say Nothing, Curse The 68Comeback The Rest Of The Day

I didn’t know before I arrived for the November 8, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special that Tom would not be there. This was disappointing because  I wanted to talk about how soft my hands felt and how good they smelled, and also about his recent Shoppers Drug Mart mission. But that’s okay, sick is sick, and it gave me a chance to celebrate the snowy Edmonton weather with a song I wrote and performed and recorded all by myself…

Jr. Gone Wild  –  Day of the First Snow

Cold Warps  –  Endless Bummer

Evil Tambourines  –  Library Nation!

Gamelan & Kecak  –  Sadha Budaya Gamelan Gong Suling

Menahan Street Band  –  Everyday a Dream

Bruce Peninsula  –  Say Yeah

Divine Fits  –  Like Ice Cream

Thad Jones  –  Something to Remember You By

Modern Superstitions  –  Way I Want

Mouthbreathers  –  Or Else

the Jesus Lizard  –  Mouth Breather

Ohama  –  Thick As a Brick

Firewater  –  The Monkey Song

the Broken West  –  The Smartest Man Alive

Cannonhead  –  You Don’t Like It But You Are

Japandroids  –  The Nights of Wine and Roses

Maïa Vidal  –  The Alphabet of My Phobias

Uncle Joe’s Big Ol’ Driver  –  Now is Your Next Time

Reptile Youth  –  It’s Easy to Lose Yourself

Pigeon Breeders  –  Int/

Blonds  –  The Bad Ones

Budokan  –  The Right On Girl

Black Moth Super Rainbow  –  I Think I’m Evil

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