And He’d Better Play Ball Or I Will Route A 68Comeback Through His Front Yard

On the November 1, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we had not yet come down from the sugar high, making it that much easier for us to look past Bill Burroughs’ copious use of profanity in the service of political commentary, the Firesigners’ blatant use of racial epithets in the name of comedy, and the Lune’s clever disguising of jigs as skiffle for just long enough to get the song underway. We also decided that while Dan Boeckner is no Britt Daniel, he’s still a person and there’s no reason to get all…you know…about it.

A.C. Newman  –  I’m Not Talking

William S. Burroughs  –  When Did I Stop Wanting to be President

Subtitle  –  Killer Drones On Street

“A” Ukeleles of Halifax  –  Spinning Wheel

Mascara Nites  –  Want Need Love

Divine Fits  –  Baby Get Worse

the Lune  –  Pain and Pleasure at the Failure of Will

the Firesign Theatre  –  the Other Side

the Ford Pier Vengeance Trio  –  This Oughta Be Good

Cat Power  –  Manhattan

Alice Cooper  –  Generation Landslide

Karen Elson  –  Gold Dust Woman

Metz  –  Headache

First Aid Kit – Dancing Barefoot

Jerry Jerry – Happy Nun

Pig Farm – Subway Surfing

Falklands – Greyhounds

Field + Stream – Salmon Arm

Order of Chaos – Sexwitch

GRMLN – Depressions

Mac DeMarco – Ode to Viceroy

Bad Plus One – Seven Minute Mind

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