On Days I Try To Please My 68Comeback

Many thanks to Edmonton’s reigning Tag Team Storytelling Champions, Shawn Ohler and Todd Babiak, who took time out of their busy schedules to pay a visit and make this the best October 25, 2012 EVER. They helped out with some advance Hallowe’en celebrations, talked about how freaking great Edmonton is and what Metallica could have done instead of what they did, and ensured that Slint got played. Who knows? Now that Tom is a horse, Mr. Ohler may yet realize a longstanding dream of his.

David Bowie  –  Scary Monsters & Super Creeps

Panther  –  Your Pants Are Creased Familiarly

Arlt  –  Le Pistolet

the Unicorns  –  Tuff Ghost

P:Ano  –  Ghost Pirate

Slint  –  Nosferatu Man

Great Kat  –  Brandenburg Concerto #3

AC Newman  –  Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns

Whitehorse  –  Peterbilt Coalmine

Cat Power  –  Silent Machine

Calexico – Fortune Teller

Shout Out Out Out – Forever Indebted

Antibalas – Dirty Money

Mac DeMarco – Freaking Out the Neighborhood

Freelove Fenner – Workshop

Diamond Rings – All the Time

Bill Anschel, Brent Jensen, Chris Symer – Blue Monk

    • Gillian
    • October 26th, 2012

    It was such a great show! And did you ever think you would find fellow magpie-lovers?

      • 68comeback
      • October 27th, 2012

      There was never any doubt that I would because everyone loves magpies.

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