68Comeback In Spurts

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.” As much as Tom and I enjoy pitching and giving shit away and having draws and making other people answer the phone when it rings, after two FunDrive 2012 shows (thank you for rewarding our efforts so handsomely!), we were kind of glad to get back to farting around, er, producing quality radio. So check it – October 12, 2012, baby…

The Red Shift  –  Chicken Walk ’97

Edith Frost  –  Cold and On My Mind

SK Robot  –  Star-Eyed and Tongue-Tied

Whitehorse  –  Achilles’ Desire

Richard Hell & the Voidoids  –  Love Comes in Spurts

Pointed Sticks  –  Real Thing

Teen  –  Come Back

Billy Gibbons and Co.  –  Oh Well

Miranda July  –  The F-A-T-E

Matthew Dear  –  Headcage

Michael Rault  –  Fall in Love With Every Girl I See

Flying Lotus  –  All the Secrets

B-Side Champions  –  Meltwater

Mogwai – Hasenheide

Pizzarhea – Hol Onta Dis Pear

Renny Wilson – Could’ve It Been Me

The Archaics – Two Ways/Sideways

Falklands – Don’t Take My Word For It

SK Robot – Best Friend

Fist Full ‘O Snakes – Little Cricket

The Almighty Rhombus – She Didn’t Want Me

Deerhoof – Bad Kids to the Front

Mother Mother  –  Love It Dissipates

C.AARME  –  Bodybuilding

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