FunDrive 2012: The Story Of THE SCROLL

¡¡Hey, I edited this on October 2, 2012 because the man himself tells me it’s over 50% longer than my original claim. And a blessing in the home of whoever gets it!!

Hoosh. That’s the sound that everything-is-probably-going-to-be-alright-after-all makes, and it is heard at approximately the same time as I open my front door and see it poking out of the mailbox. THE SCROLL has arrived.

I call it THE SCROLL due to its physical characteristics – unfurled, it is about 17 inches high and 16 feet long twenty five and 2/3 everlovin’ feet long*; all rolled up so as to fit in its mailing tube, we’re talking a roll of paper about a quarter-inch thick. Look!

So yeah, that’s what I call it, but it’s also been known by different people at different times by names like The Chart or An In-Progress Chronology of Edmonton Bands, 1950 to 2010, and one day will probably be referred to by historians as St. Raymond’s Letter to the Edmontonians. Graphic artist extraordinaire, Famines dude and Edmonton ex-pat (and recently canonized as the Patron Saint of 68Comeback) Raymond Biesinger MADE THIS THING, and he recently took the very last one that he had, packed it up and sent it off to US!

It’s something of a rarity around these parts, and it could be yours. Y’see, this coming Thursday, October 4, 2012, at the end of our second of two FunDrive 2012 68Comeback Special Specials, Tom and I will put every single name of every single person who pledged money to CJSR-FM’s 2012 FunDrive  during either of those two shows in a draw, and one lucky winner will come away with this heartfelt and stylishly unwieldy celebration of independent music in Edmonton for their very own.

But in order to win this prize, you gotta have skin in the game, right**? So show your support for the 68Comeback Special as you show your support for campus/community radio in Edmonton by dialing and donating (780 492-2577 ext. 1) or clicking and donating at this Thursday between 3 and 5pm***. And hey, remember this: even if you don’t exactly WIN (i.e. THE SCROLL), no one who supports volunteer-run, grassroots radio can be called a loser.

*You read that right.

**Okay, technically, you don’t. You could get in on the draw without making a donation by dropping by CJSR in Room 0-08 of SUB on the U of A campus during our show on Thursday and pleading poverty and/or cheapskatedness. After you have helped us pitch for one segment, you will be permitted to submit a pledgeless entry.

***Remember, you can actually do either or both of these things at any time you feel right about supporting CJSR. Just sayin’ (and encouragin’).

  1. Correction: it’s actually 25 and 1/3 feet long. Also, it’s a blessing on the house of whoever gets it. Enjoy! Yrs., R.

  1. November 12th, 2012

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