I Remember You, You Drive Like A 68Comeback

It’s not every day that your radio show falls on the exact same day as your birthday, so when it does, you have to be READY! On the Craig’s Birthday, September 13, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special, Smokey showed up and delivered the goods and we introduced the new feature within a feature during the Grade 6 Report, entitled ‘One French Word.’ This week: cochon.

Constantines  –  Young Lions

Fugazi  –  Birthday Pony

Cracker  –  Happy Birthday to Me

Mclusky  –  Icarus Smicarus

Thomas D’arcy et al.  –  Inner City Kitty

Cub  –  Pillow Queen

Field & Stream  –  Tune Out Song

Field & Stream  –  Soccer

Big Black  –  The Model

Money Mark  –  Maybe I’m Dead

Micachu & the Shapes  –  Nowhere

Amanda Palmer  –  Grown Man Cry

Blonds  –  Amen

Dan Deacon – Prettyboy

Dinosaur – Jr – Stick a Toe In

Pizzarrhea – Throat Kicks to Go- Drea

Deerhoof – Breakup Song

Mono – Dream Odyssey

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