68Comebacks! We Eat ‘Em For Breakfast!

The shame! This is an account of the August 2, 2012 edition of the 68 Comeback Special, posted weeks late because sometimes I am the most irresponsible person you, or I, know. Sorry about that.

Andy Prieboy  –  The New York Debut of An L.A. Artist (Jazz Crowd)

Olivia Tremor Control  –  A Sleepy Company

Homo Duplex  –  On Or On And On

Fight Like Apes  –  Come On, Let’s Talk About Our Feelings

Part Chimp  –  30 000000000000000 People

Pizzarrhea!  –  Throat Kick to Go

Dub Vulture  –  Brother, Can You Spare a Gun?

Sarah Burton  –  Tried Being Good

Pernice Brothers  –  Flaming Wreck

Les Handclaps  –  Trop Tard

Buddy Miller  –  You Wrecked Up My Heart

the Give ‘Em Hell Boys  –  Play Hank Williams At My Funeral

Cygnets  –  Taker

Grant Geismann – $25 Stella

Can – Millionenspiel

Idyl Tea – Eyes Down

Chantrelles – Ain’t Nobody Home

Johannes Welsch – Cold Train

Stan Rogers – Second Effort

Excepter – Bridge Traffic

Accept – Balls to the Wall

Gordie Tentrees – Black Seeds

Ghibli – Flossy

Denise Mackay – Starry Road

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