Will Be Revealed, Like 68Comeback In The Bible, Beyond All Understanding

It was July 12, 2012. It was scorching hot outside. Tom wasn’t there and Craig wasn’t going to be there the whole time (extenuating circumstances, you understand – or DO you?). It was the 68Chadback Special.

Tom House  –  Mansberger

Yo La Tengo  –  False Alarm

Pink Nasty  –  Mordecai

Ted Wright  –  We Are Mountains

Flaming Lips/Erykah Badu  –  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Mark Birtles Project  –  Feel Nice

Veda Hille  –  Tuktoyuktuk Hymn

Apollo Ghosts  –  I Followed the Rules and I Got Everything

the Right Now  –  I Could Kiss You (I Could Cry)

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists  –  Even Heroes Have to Die

the Handsome Family  –  Drunk by Noon

Bryan Joseph – Halo of God

the Kinks – Picture Book

Ty Segall Band – Slaughterhouse

Michael Rault – Fall in Love with Every Girl I See

Delicate Steve – Wally Wilder

Bow & Antler – Triage

Tennyson – False Enemy (of Mary Tudor)

Beck – Blue Randy

Makeout Videotape – Heat Wave

Travis Bretzer – He’s A Gun

the Tammys – Egyptian Shumba

Dub Vulture – Shotgun Logic Dub

KonKoma – Lie Lie

Van Morrison – Sweet Thing

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