68Comebacks Look Better In The Shade

The June 28, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special saw the maiden voyage of 2012’s Summertime Fun Report from Gabe (with special guest Wren) a hopeful attempt at Ask a Mathematician, helpful mixtape advice and other, more inscrutable stuff that…didn’t make much sense. So welcome to summer. Again.

Jesus Lizard  –  Mouth Breather

Pond  –  Tears of a Clown

Cold Specks  –  Heavy Hands

Kelly & the Kellygirls  –  We Can Be Trusted to Take it From Here

Superchunk  –  Cruel Summer

Turing Machine  –  Slave to the Algorhythm

Invasives  –  Embracing Evil

Black Tambourine  –  I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Cold Warps  –  Dream Creepin’

King Tuff  –  Bad Thing

Aim Low  –  Black Cars

Kurt Vile  –  Monkey

Shout Out Out Out  –  Lessons in Disappearing

Can  –  Millionenspiel

Devo – Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA

City Streets – Concentrated Living

Cobra & Vulture – Craftsman

Dub Vulture – Shotgun Logic Dub

Thelonious Monk – Nutty

PIL – One Drop

Calibro 35 – The Package

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