68Comeback Kindness, Sold Down The River…

If it’s June 14, 2012, then it must be the 68Comeback Special being all a-flutter over the new Future of the Left album, Bry Webb in our very own city and, as always, Cancer Bats.

Queens of the Stone Age  –  I Was a Teenage Hand Model

Apollo Ghosts  –  So Much Better When You’re Gone

Euphone  –  Island I’d Love to Live On

Kestrels  –  Dumb Angel

Constantines  –  Goodbye Baby & Amen

Phosphorescent  –  Reasons to Quit

Edith Frost  –  The Very Earth

Future of the Left  –  Failed Olympic Bid

Cold Warps  –  Dream Creepin’

King Tubby  –  Lovin’ Dub

Santigold  –  Freak Like Me

Cancer Bats  –  Breathe Armageddon

T-Bone Walker  –  Mean Old World

Dr. John  –  Getaway

Don Cherry – Resa

Yankee Yankee – Memory Fades

Bry Webb – Undertaker

Shout Out Out Out Out – This In’t Helping

Ben Olson – Never Said Goodbye

Diamond Rugs – Hightail

Cribs – Chi-Town

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