Things Got 68Comeback For A Bit

JUNE! Overseeding the grass, barbecue, kids graduating from school, pheromones on the loose! The June 7, 2012 68Comeback Special was all that and more. Read all about it!

Harlan T. Bobo  –  Crazy With Loneliness

Richard Buckner  –  Here

the Besnard Lakes  –  Albatross

Chris Mills  –  Delaware

Islands  –  Kids Don’t Know Shit

Adam & the Amethysts  –  Drinking in L.A.

King Tuff  –  Swamp of Love

Future of the Left  –

Tom McRae & the Standing Band  –  Sloop John B

Shooting Guns  –  Harmonic Steppenwolf

the Catheters  –  I Fall Easy

Come  –  Do You Love Me

Grimskunk – Don’t Ask Questions

Mati Zundel – Senore Montecostez

Mt. Eerie – Lone Bell

City Streets – Sawdust & Rum

Graham Guest – That’s Evolution

Bahamas – Caught Me Thinking

Bry Webb – Zebra

Toilet Water Ponies – Demons in the Fog

Scenic Route to Alaska – Mountains

PIL – This is PIL

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