I Followed The Rules And I Got 68Comeback

Tom! He came back! It isn’t like we didn’t know he would, but we didn’t know for sure that he would until he actually did. So howzabout that for a May 18, 2012?

Bob Wiseman  –  Gabriel Dumont Blues

Pan Sonic  –  Kuu

Velvet Underground  –  Beginning to See the Light

Apollo Ghost  –  I Followed the Rules and I Got Everything

Diamond Rugs  –  Gimme a Beer

Joel Plaskett Emergency  –  Work Out Fine

Jay Jay Johnson  –  Lover Man

Moonfyre w/ Saturn (live)  –  untitled

Charlie Rich  –  Feel Like Going Home (demo)

Times New Viking  –  End of All Things

Ladyhawk  –  S.T.H.D.

Spoon  –  Plastic Mylar

the Sugarman Three  –  What the World Needs Now

The Dudes – Rocky Mountain Living

Tom Robinson – Rikki Don’t Lose That Number

Los Diablos – Un Rayo Del Sol

Diamond Rugs – Hungover and Horny

Matthew Barber – The Clap

Johannes Welsch – Fire

Collage Party – Suki and Me

Ian Carmichael and original Cast – House at Pooh Corner

Greyscreen – Hoary Frost Gendered

Jorgensmann/Koppen – The Night of Passion

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