The Girl Next Door Who’s Famous For Showing Her 68Comeback

Where was Tom on May 3, 2012? In the basement of the Students Union Building, co-presenting the 68Comeback Special radio show with Craig? Nope, Tom’s jaunted off to Scotland to do Scottish stuff with his Scottish people, leaving Craig to take two hours’ worth of advantage of the opportunity (a trick he plans on repeating next week). If you were to read the show instead of listen to it, this is what it would look like. But don’t do it that way, okay? Tuning in is what we New Worlders call ‘better’.

Bad Livers  –  Yearning

Brazilian Money  –  We Could Just Stay

Sun Kil Moon  –  Lily and Parrots

Zeus  –  Are You Going to Waste My Time?

David Bazan  –  Fewer Broken Pieces

Alice Kos  –  Meet Me Here

Plants & Animals  –  Runaways

Cub  –  Pillow Queen

L7  –  ‘Til the Wheels Fall Off

Devo  –  Uncontrollable Urge

the Famines  –  Free Love is a Sales Technique

Belle & Sebastian  –  The Model

Arab Strap  –  Dream Sequence

Richard Davies  –  Cantina

the Funk Ark  –  Hey Mamajo

Cold Warps  –  Who Cares, I Guess?

Shonen Knife  –  Top of the World

Miranda July  –  Hotel Voulez-Vous

Elizabeth Shepherd  –  When You Are Near

Yma Sumac  –  Chicken Talk

Robert Mitchum  –  Mama Look a B00 B00

Great Lake Swimmers  –  Les Champs de Progeniture

Avec Pas d’Casque  –  Défrichage

Firewater  –  Some Strange Reaction

Matthew Shipp Trio  –  The New Fact

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