68Comeback Fix Me, Alright

Dance trends, man-made disasters, the proper way to name a child and so on and so forth. There are so many things to talk about in this world, and at least as many songs to play about those topics of conversation. And we covered it all today, on the February 23, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special. Take a look at this song list and see for yourself!

Harvey Danger  –  Why I’m Lonely

PJ Harvey  –  Yuri G

The Nasty On  –  Please Kill Me

Slow Learners  –  Grocery Store

Joe Henry  –  Ohio Air Show Plane Crash

Add N to X  –  King Wasp

Califone  –  Your Golden Ass

Jerk With A Bomb  –  Those Hard Wrecks

Big Black  –  L Dopa

Thelonious Monk  –  Easy Street

Islands  –  Never Go Solo

Old 97’s  –  Belair

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings  –  Genuine pt.1

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings  –  Genuine pt. 2

Nazan Soray  –  Halhal

Women  –  Untogether

Scratch Acid  –  Cheese Plug

Vic Chesnutt  –  Little Vacation

The Experimental Tropic Blues Band  –  The Best Burger

Jung People  –  Keep Calm/Carry On

Oblivians  –  Do the Milkshake

Mad Ones  –  Don’t Wanna Beg

Young Liars  –  Homesick Future

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