We Love You, Bleah, Bleah, Bleah

Tomorrow on the 68Comeback Special radio show, it’s going to be a smidge…how should we say this?…odd. But in a good way, probably. Hopefully.

We find ourselves in the awkward position of wanting to observe the totally not manufactured ♥fest that is Valentine’s Day, but seeing as next week’s show comes two days after the day in question and observing stuff like that after the fact is pointless, we must instead intentionally overlook the fact that we’re doing it five days early.

So what to do? Same as usual, probably. On the average, it can be stated fairly accurately that the 68Comeback Special aspires to loving more than fighting.

You can tune in for all the regular biz like the Grade 5 Report, witty banter and whatnot, or you can tune in for our extra-special visitor, Alice Kos, who will be: offering advice to the lovelorn, discussing her favourite movies, books, TV shows and if time permits, her new record entitled You Missed It All, and she will also get pinched (on principle, you understand) if she doesn’t wear red.

The 68Comeback Special, Thursday afternoons between 3 and 5 on good ol’ CJSR-FM88.  And with a love like that, you know you should be bleah.

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