You’re As Bad, You’re As Bad, You’re As 68Comeback As Me

Big day on the big show today. We announced the Aging British Punk* we would throw the entire weight of the 68Comeback Special’s support mechanisms behind for the next year, we talked about what’s in it for Krang when I win the lottery tomorrow, and the plan to elevate the Robin Hood Ensemble to the number one position on CJSR’s year-end charts continued apace. Here’s what it all looks like when you reduce it to a list of songs that describe the January 26, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special.

Spoon  –  Beast and Dragon, Adored

the Buzzcocks  –  Harmony in My Head

the Dinner is Ruined  –  Too Much Fun

Tom Waits  –  Bad As Me

Kathleen Edwards  –  Change the Sheets

Blood Oranges  –  Halfway ‘Round the World

Miles Kurosky  –  Dead Language Blues

Graham Parker*  –  Local Girls

the Chrome Cranks  –  Lost Time Blues

Rat Silo  –  Baby Ride On

Matthew A Wilkinson  –  YYY

Melanie  –  Brand New Key

Robin Hood Ensemble  –  Frustration Blues

Porcelain Raft  –  Shapeless and Gone

the Diodes  –  City of the Dead

Krang – Provincial Flower

The Holiday Crowd – Never Speak Of It Again

Graydon Jones & The Novelists – Older Brothers Never Listen

Andrew Johnston – Long Lost Sounds

Outdoor Miners – Disgust

Will Scott – Happy Endings

Frank Walton – Sextet – The Back Step

Melanie  –  Brand New Key

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