Thanks, 2011. Now Beat It.

This is our playlist for the last 68Comeback Special radio show of 2011. These are, loosely defined and in no particular order, some of the records and artists that floated our collective 68Comeback boats in 2011.

Twilight Singers  –  Be Invited

Shooting Guns  –  Public Taser

Black Mastiff  –  Last Line of Defense

Bebop Cortez  –  The Man of the Year

Jessica Jalbert  –  Any Day Soon

Doug Hoyer  –  Lakes of Mars

Werner Frey  –  ?

Wanda Jackson  –  Blue Yodel #6

Ty Segall  –  You Make the Sun Fry

Obits  –  No Fly List

Coeur de Pirate  –  Danse et Danse

The Joe  –  Apathy

the Pack A.D.  –  Rid of Me

John Cale  –  Pablo Picasso

Jeff Stuart and the Hearts – Apple Tree

Pizzarhea – Transient Bologna Mating Call

The Stepkids – Cup Half Full

Slates – Dirty Water

City Streets – Decline of the West

Stormy – The Devastator

JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound – Baaaad News

Slim Moore & the Mar Kays – Steppin’ All Over Me

Awesomehots – Whittlin’ Man

    • Gene
    • December 30th, 2011

    Wow, you played Pablo Picasso? One of the few highlights from the ’70s, good on ya!!!

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