I’m Gonna Harden My 68Comeback

Who doesn’t like December 1, besides the haters? And the 2011 edition of the 68Comeback Special was really something, what with all the old stuff, new stuff from old guys, and Quarterflash. If you were listening, count yourself lucky. If you’re just reading this song list after the fact, count yourself lucky.

P.W. Long  –  Aw Bruiser

Mule  –  I’m Hell

Killdozer  –  Cinnamon Girl

Constantines  –  Nighttime/Anytime

Bry Webb  –  Ex-Punks

King Tubby  –  Mine Field

Duchess Says  –  Gainsbourg

Quarterflash  –  Harden My Heart

Los Campesinos  –  Songs About Your Girlfriend

Forbidden Dimension – Where’s My Wolves

Squirrel Bait  –  Choose Yr Poison

Shimmering Stars  –  Dancing To Music I Hate

Jonathan Richman  –  If You Want To Leave Our Party Just Go

Adanowsky  –  Saber Amar

the Pixies  –  Levitate Me

Whiskey Wagon  –  AA Runaway

Wire – A Serious of Snakes

Elf – Four Day Creep

Children of Doom – Mr. Nasty

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound – Sister Ray Charles

Celebrity 3 – Serena

Die Young – Satan’s Tape

Jessica Jalbert – Necromancy

Coeur de Pirate – Adieu

Namers – Three!!

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