What Is That 68Comeback Refrain That You Hear In The Air?

The first blizzard of the year is bound to have its strange effects on people, so when you read this account of the November 17, 2011 68Comeback Special, please try to understand.

Fake Cops  –  Sir You’re Not Blowing

Stump  –  Buffalo

Mark Birtles Project  –  Feel Nice

Daniel Koulack  –  The Waltz That Never Was

RJD2  –  2 More Dead

James Ferraro  –  Tomorrow’s Baby of the Year

Sun City Girls  –  Flesh Balloons of Tibet

Will Currie & the Country French  –  Tight Suit

Deer Tick  –  Something to Brag About

Future of the Left  –  Polymers Are Forever

Soul Coughing  –  Sleepless

Hurricane Bells  –  Possibilities

Les Unknownes  –  Le Vautour Vaurien

Built to Spill   –  Distopian Dream Girl

Elliott Brood  –  West End Sky

Joe Henry  –  Unspeakable

Starz – Cherry baby

Jimmy Durante – Inka Dinka Do

Ballgag ‘n Chaingang – Can’t Let Go

Cripple Creek Fairies – Hangin’ Around

Tom Waits – Raised Right Men

Jessica Jalbert – Necromancy

Ian Tyson – Saddle Bronc Girl

Mireille Moquin – Drote de Monsieur

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