If 68Comeback’s What Matters, I’ll Take 68Comeback

November 10, 2011: the sixth anniversary of Sadie receiving her name, first show in three weeks that we haven’t spent any time pitching the idea of donating money to our listeners, and the first radio show we’ve ever had to do without Heavy D and Bil Keane being earthbound realities. This is how it played out.

Hot Snakes  –  If Credit’s What Matters, I’ll Take Credit

Jessica Jalbert  –  Necromancy

Clint Eastwood  –  Don’t Fence Me In

Goto80  –  Viking Conquistador

Mos Dub  –  Johnny Too Beef

Heavy Chains  –  Crying Demons

Wild Flag  –  Something Came Over Me

MED  –  1 Life 2 Live

Slim Twig  –  Vile City

Adanowsky  –  J’aime Tes Genoux*

Diamond Dancer  –  Only If You Believe In the Power of Friendship

Tom Waits  –  Bad As Me

Will Currie & the Country French  –  John Denver Haircut

Unsound – My Baby Drives a Hearse

Billy Bragg – Deportees

Joe Vickers – Pioneer Trail

Shit Computer – Sex Fight

Vertrek Ensemble – Pretty Girl in Ugly Clothes

The F-Holes – Up For Awhile

Americancer – The Thinnest Veneer Has Substance

Basketball Maw – Into the Horns of the Sacred

David Lynch – So Glad

John Cale – Guts

Stump – Charlton Heston


*The Adanowski click goes to a relatively informative blog post about him at Said the Gramophone, a music blog that fairly rules. I say ‘relatively’ because most of the posts include short, fictional passages about the songs they feature  – like for instance one about my dad, Lou Reed, freaking out over a perceived misuse of one of his songs – whereas this one provided us with just enough clues for Tom to figure out what it reminded him of, and introduced us both to the wondrousness of Henri Salvador. Such a day.

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