CJSR FunDrive 2011: Stories Too True To Be False!

Perhaps you’ve heard The Thom Yorke Story.

I think it’s entirely possible that you know, or know someone who knows The Corb Lund Story.

Admit it – you had nightmares for a week after your older brother first told you The Buster Friendly Story.

Well kids, here’s something new. On behalf of CJSR’s 2011 FunDrive, the 68Comeback Special would now like to offer, for the delectation of our listeners and/or readers, The Raymond Biesinger Story.

Do you know Raymond Biesinger? Mr. Biesinger is a world renowned illustrator who draws pictures for just about everyone who’s anyone. You might have seen his work in magazines like The New Yorker, GQ, Dwell, The Economist, Wired, or on one of trillions of gig sheets he used to draw when he lived in glamourous Edmonton AB (before he moved to dreary Montreal QC). Or Etsy. Or you might know his music with the Vertical Struts or the Famines. Or maybe you know him from this feature on his home office that the Globe and Mail did not long ago. Or maybe…oh for God’s sake, I don’t know how you might know him, but in any case, you SHOULD.

And so, when we contacted Mr. Biesinger and asked if he had anything he might consider donating to the 68Comeback Special’s FunDrive 2011 cause, something we could use as a giveaway to entice our listeners to venture beyond mere listening and stake themselves out a spot in the realm of participation, do you know what he said? Without reservation, Raymond Biesinger said YES. He said ‘yes’ to campus/community radio. He said ‘yes’ to CJSR. He said ‘yes’ to the 68Comeback Special.

This is how it came to be that we have, in our possession, a copy of Mr. Biesinger’s new book, WWI, and a signed silkscreen print of the poster for that book. This is what the print looks like. Look!

And this is what the book looks like. Ready? 

Or even…

So the thing is, these beautiful things that Raymond has made, made all the more beautiful by the selflessness with which he donated them, will be given away at the end of the ol’ 68Comeback Special this Thursday. We reckon that, at about 4:58pm, we will put the name of every single person who has pledged funds to this year’s FunDrive via our show into the magic draw bucket, pull one name out, and that person will win this fabulous prize. And then Tom and I will fall to the floor exhausted, spent, and unendingly thankful. Will YOURS be the name on that slip of paper? The only thing I know for sure is, you can’t win if you don’t try, honey! Dial and donate at 780 492-2577 ext 1, or pledge securely online at cjsr.com!

And thanks yet again to you, Raymond!

  1. November 12th, 2012

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