FunDrive Is A Force That Gives Us Money

CJSR’s 2011 FunDrive is underway! From today until November 5, the little station that everybody loves to love will be seeking monetary proof of said love, to the merry tune of ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

First and foremost, the next week and a half is going to be a party. There’ll be the musical mayhem and hard-hitting news and public affairs programming that CJSR is famous for, special on-air guests and giveaways, and the offering up of a wealth of reasons to support independent radio in Edmonton. There’s some FunDrive fundraising gigs around town as well, if you’re partial to the idea of partying for your right to fight.

Tom and I have two 68Comeback Special FunDrive shows, one tomorrow, October 27, and one on November 3, 2011, both from 3-5 p.m., hint hint, if you’re the kind who likes to provide direct encouragement to people who work so hard to brighten your Thursday afternoons. But we’re not exactly fussy; you can dial and donate at any ol’ time you want at 780 492-2577 ext. 1, or there’s even a secure link for pledging online at You can do it any way you like, just so long as you DO IT!


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