No Wonder They Call It ‘Rocktober’

You know, for a day that isn’t in September, October 20 is not bad. And we’re not even halfway through it yet, and so far, this October 20, the 2011 version, seems likely to go down in history as one of the all-time best.

You should tune in to today’s 68Comeback Special show, from 3-5 pm, on Edmonton’s own CJSR-FM. This’ll be the last stop before Fund Drive 2011, but we’re not bothering to wait a whole week to start celebrating. After all, today – TODAY – is our friend Scott’s birthday. Scott is 42 today (multiply it by 10 and you get 420, huh-huh). That’s him playing drums here (and co-host Tom on bass – rhythm section extraordinaire, hire ’em for your next party!)…

…and as long as we’re talking milestones, did you know that co-host Tom was married once? It’s true! It was an arranged marriage, to a song by Flipper called Sex Bomb and it didn’t last (they were very young) and he has since resolved to remain a bachelor for the remainder of his life, but Tom still has very strong feelings for Sex Bomb, and yesterday was Sex Bomb‘s birthday, so naturally, we’re celebrating that.

And, cookbook mavens The Best of Bridge are coming in for an interview. They’re bringing food! Tune into this program! Do it!

P.S. This is the real reason they call it ‘Rocktober’.

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