68Comeback Baby, Yeah!

Remember that post I did earlier today, saying you really needed to tune in to the show today? You really did. Need to, that is. Did you? Because, like, wow. Look at this list of songs and judge for yourself. Look!

Beulah  –  What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades?

The Deadly Snakes  –  Playboys

Mastodon  –  Thickening

the Kinks  –  Harry Rag

Go For the Eyes  –  Your Next Mistake

the Magnetic North  –  This New Mentality

Perrey & Kingsley  –  Jungle Blues from Jupiter

Matthew Dear  –  I Can’t Feel

the Prabes  –  Battle Royale

Pathology  –  A Perverse Existence

Crooked Fingers  –  The Hatchet

Flipper  –  Sex Bomb

Primrods – Encourage Citizen Advocacy

Colleen Brown – Good Girls

Thelonius Moog – Bemsha Swing

Mercury Audio – Sometimes I’m High

The Magnificent 7’s – There is a  Time

Cast of I Like Me Like Me – Leaving Dick

Dizzy Gillespie – Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac


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