Face To Face With Absolutely 68Comeback

This was the last 68Comeback Special show of Summer 2011. We had joy, we had fun. Mudhoney couldn’t make it, but why should we care when Sadie’s got the same hairdo as Mark Arm and Gabe wears glasses, just like Steve Turner? Instant substitutions! And songs, songs, songs!

Young Fresh Fellows  –  Unimaginably Zero Summer

Greg MacPherson  –  Party At Greg’s Place

Dutch Hey Wagon  –  Rational Anthem I

Nirvana  –  Territorial Pissings

Isaac Hayes  –  (They Long to Be) Close to You

Celibate Rifles  –  Back In the Red

the Paper Route  –  Can’t Be Satisfied

the Monkeywrench  –  I’m Blown

AM and Shawn Lee  –  Jackie Blue

Benjamin Broening & Duo Runedako  –  Nocturne Fragments: Flexible, Mysterious, Resonant

Metallica  –  Battery

Dan Mangan  –  Regarding Death and Dying

Secret Fires  –  Highway Creep

Alice Cooper – Under My Wheels

Bottle Rockets – Gravity Fails

Secretaries – Highway to Your Heart

Krang – Spirit Animals

The Fucking Wrath – Altar of Lies

The Sweet Lowdown – Going Up On the Mountain

Blitzen Trappen – Girl In a Coat

CANT – The Edge

Charlie Chamberlain – Pretty Saro

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