I Am The 68Comeback King…

The September 15, 2011 68Comeback Special wasn’t a show you would soon forget…and yet I forgot. Here’s the list of songs we played.

David Lindley  –  She Took Off My Romeos

the Grifters  –  Skin Man Palace

Robbie Fulks  –  She Took A Lot of Pills and Died

Deloro  –  No Fun

Siskiyou  –  Where Does That Leave Me

Slim Moore and the Mar-Kays  –  Steppin’ All Over Me

Shooting Guns  –  Public Taser

Pee Shy  –  Little Dude

Jonny Polonsky  –  Love Lovely Love

Jandek  –  Sadie

the Gin Palace  –  “Lady”

Toro y Moi  –  Freaking Out

Mogwai  –  Does This Always Happen?

Shit Computer  –  Girls

the Primrods  –  Citizen Advocacy

Brazilian Money – Soaking up some Rays on a Sofa

Tasseomancy – Heavy Sleep

Barry Manilow – Work the Room

Robin Woywitka – This Train Just Needs a Track

Barry Manilow — Work the Room

Man Your Horse – Freedom Four Hours

Albert Ayler – Free At Last!

Tundrastruck – Metalion

Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters – Depression

Equilibrium – Eclasicity

Metalion – Airborne Assassins

Equilibrium – Eclasticity

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