Reasons, Reasons, Reasons

Mark it down on your calendar, enter it in your smart phone, do whatever you need to do so that you DON’T MISS tomorrow’s 68Comeback Special show! It’s recently come to our attention that, if not for a small problem with deceasedness, Freddie Mercury would be celebrating his 65th birthday this coming Monday, September 5, 2011. And so, in addition to a panel discussion of just how unbearable he would be if he was still alive, there will be the traditional playing of all of side 2 of Mr. Bad Guy.

Waitaminnit…rock and roll intermission!

And hey, between tomorrow’s being the first day of school and it being his tenth birthday next week, it would be foolish for you to miss Gabe’s first ever Grade Five Report. And maybe/probably other stuff, too. So just DON’T MISS IT. Tomorrow, CJSR-FM88, 1500 to 1700 hours.

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