I *SAID*, Rock and Roll Reading List: Metal Studies 101

Months ago, I posted a little thing about a not-so-little essay entitled, “Factory Music: how the industrial geography and working-class environment of post-war Birmingham fostered the birth of heavy metal.” I don’t think it ever got even one click, which is fine with me*, but in the process of creating that post, I inadvertently created another one as well, with nothing but the covers of Sabbath’s self-titled first album and Priest’s first album, Rocka Rolla. And THAT one averages probably a couple of clicks a day. So I know there’s somebody out there who’s interested. I can hear you (mouth)breathing.

So here. This one’s called How Heavy Metal is Keeping Us Sane. It’s from The Atlantic, of all places, and it makes sure to give credit where it’s due, like crazy all over the place and then some:

Cream was heavy; Hendrix and Led Zeppelin were heavier still; in Japan, the Flower Travellin’ Band was shockingly heavy; but Black Sabbath, from Birmingham, England, was heavy metal. No joy here, nor any wisp of psychedelic whimsy. From the first note, this band sounded ancient, oppressed, as if shambling forward under supernatural burdens.

And so on. And here’s one more thing that I found while I was looking for something else. Not that you even care, but this way, you can’t say that I don’t.

*you guys wanna be ignorant of your history, you can be my fookin’ guest. Like really, see if I care.

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