Got To Go 68Comeback Style

On today’s 68Comeback Special show, we said goodbye to Jack Layton and Nickolas Ashford and bid adieu to the Summertime Fun Report for one more year. The Stepkids taught us an important lesson about how important it is not to learn from your mistakes, and we gave away tickets to Dub Vultures on Saturday. How was your August 25, 2011 edition?

Plants and Animals  –  Good Friend

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  –  Orange

Hayden  –  Dynamite Walls

Grace Jones  –  Hurricane Dub

the Paint Movement  –  Skip to the West

Cibo Matto  –  Sci-Fi Wasabi

Six Finger Satellite  –  Simian Fever

the Stepkids  –  Cup Half Full*

Mister Heavenly  –  Doom Wop

Ty Segall  –  You Make the Sun Fry

Handsome Furs  –  Damage

Library Voices  –  Anthem for a New Canadia

No Luck Club  –  Wine Tasting

AC Jones – Oh Baby

Liam Trimble – Waterloo Sunset

Dub Vulture – Open Dub

Bravofunken – Zombies

Shooting Guns – Dopestrings

Dutch Hey Wagon – Hard One

The Ettes – Excuse

Treeline & Sean Brewer – Michael

Graham Reynolds – The Cogwheel Brain

*Tom couldn’t even fucking believe this when he heard it.

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