I Hope You Know You’ll Always Be The 68Comeback Of The Party

On this day (68Comeback Special show) in history (August 11, 2011), Craig anticipated his impending wedding anniversary, while Tom shared a story about the time he had a Mormon Rough Trade marriage with Anita Ekberg AND Mamie Van Doren. If you missed it, that’s too bad. It was totally worth it. Here’s the songlist to prove it.

P.S. Goddamn “Forensic Shimmy” wouldn’t play when we asked it to, but lookit down at the bottom – there’s a video now!

The Strokes  –  The Modern Age

Library Voices  –  Generation Handclap

Eleanor Friedberger  –  My Mistakes

Beulah  –  I’ll Be Your Lampshade

Jawbox  –  I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Spoon  –  Beast and Dragon, Adored

Pink Mountaintops  –  Closer to Heaven

Wugazi  –  Last Chance for the Clientele Kid

Constantines  –  On To You

Été 67  –  Sans Rêves

Benoit Delbecq  –  Le Sixieme Saut

Phosphorescent  –  I Gotta Get Drunk

Extra Happy Ghost  –  Brain Damage

Whiskeyface – NYNY

Lima – FM Static

Ghostface – Dem Back

Toques and Beards – Stand Tall

Cerebral Ballzy – Office Rocker

Dontells – Moaning and Crying

Slates – Dirty Water

Mitchmatic – One Word

This Hisses – Bad Vacation

Sarah MacDougall – mmmm

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