Werner Frey Will Have His Revenge On Cold Lake

The second week without Craig was uneventful, except for two things: Chad and I agreed to delve more into the mystery that is Werner Frey (after both we and Makin’ Whoopee have been doing our damnedest to get him into the charts), and the resurrection of Metal Machine Music Helps. Don’t thank me for choosing MMM to liven up your song, Charms, thanks Lou Reed – and you can best do this by buying multiple copies of that new album he’s making with Metallica, the one Reed has declared to be “maybe the best thing done by anyone, ever. It could create another planetary system. I’m not joking, and I’m not being egotistical.” Well, hell – guess I’m not going to get all that over excited by the new Spoons record.

SNFU – The Electric Chair

Smokey – The Worm

John Prine – Sweet Revenge

Shooting Guns – Black Hand

DJ Vadim and Sarah Jones – Your Revolution

Charlie Pickett – If This Is Love Can I Get My Money Back?

Bare Wires – Don’t Ever Change

Whiskeyface – Experienced Skin

The Band – Look Out Cleveland

Slates – Experienced Skin

Husker Du – Celebrated Summer

Falklands – Drunks & Thieves

Bettie Serveert – Geek

King Cobb Steelie – Sound Baffle

Charms – Westbound Train

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music (portion)

Spam Avenger – Why Bulk Email Gets Results

Amon Tobin – Piece of Paper

Sea and Cake – The Biz

Hank Engels & the Hoosier Daddies – Penitent Song

Brad Turner Quartet – Scrappy

Bebop Cortez – Man of the Year

Exhumed – All Guts No Glory

Felice Brothers – Honda Civic

Werner Frey – Come to Edmonton

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – Simple Girl

McEnroe & Birdapres

Bravofunken – Coeur Rubik

Ride Til Dawn – Hearts of Worlds Forgotten

Gosta Berlings Saga – Icosehadron

Mark O’Connor – A Monk’s Dream

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