School’s Out for 68Comeback

Welcome to the list of the songs that was the June 30, 2011, First Day of Summer Holidays/Day Before Canada Day 68 Comeback Special Extravaganza! And tune in to the very end of the list where we’ve posted an Alice Cooper video just because.

New Radiant Storm King  –  Happy For the First Time In Weeks

BJ Snowden  –  In Canada

Fine Canadian Forces  –  Higher Love

Werner Frey  –  Come to Edmonton

Battles – Sundome

Jolly Boys – The Passenger

Doug Hoyer  –  Little Things

Tom Verlaine  –  The Deep Dark Clouds

The Blue Seeds  –  A World Left Behind

Neko Case/Nick Cave  –  She’s Not There

Booker T. Jones  –  Progress

the Fearless Freep  –  The Day Barely Starts

Bill Callahan  –  Baby’s Breath

Old Sins – My Own Hypocrite

El Rego – Vimado Wingman

Rebirth Brass Band – Shrimp & Gumbo

Anti-Social Music – Accordion Fold

Gang Green – Alcohol

Dub Vulture – Dubble Track

Panda Bear – Slow Motion

Black Oak Arkansas – Hot ‘n’ Nasty

    • Adrian
    • July 7th, 2011

    THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for playing jr gone wild’s ‘cosmos’ today!!!! Not only cheered me up after a shitty day at the office, but brought back lots of memories hearing this years and years ago on my ‘old’ local radio station, CKDU in Halifax… forgot what an awesome sound they had. cheers!

      • 68comeback
      • July 7th, 2011

      Always happy to help. Gabe, Sadie and I had a Cosmos singalong on the way out to the car after the show.

    • Adrian
    • July 7th, 2011

    aaaaaaaannnnnd, just re-played it on the internets for my 18-month old, and he lost it! Happy dance!

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