It’s Alright To Lose Your Heart, But Never Lose Your 68Comeback

This is the list of songs that was the June 23, 2011 68 Comeback Special show, made especially special by the return of Chad. We did it all for Chad.

Scud Mountain Boys  –  Cigarette Sandwich

Cigarettes  –  The Wrong Parts

Fucked Up  –  Serve Me Right

Firewater  –  When I Burn This Place Down

Islands  –  Kids Don’t Know Shit

Hüsker Dü  –  These Important Years

Ramones  –  I’m Against It

Hole  –  Pretty On the Inside

Battles  –  Inchworm

Thurston Moore  –  In Silver Rain With A Paper Key

Harris Eisenstadt  –  Judo With Tokyo Joe

Black Lips  –  Raw Meat

Dub Vulture Meets The Scientist – Rocket Snarl

Warped 45s – Widow’s Well

Falklands – Blackout Cloud

The Oxygen Ponies – Hope & Pray

Burrows – Hygenocide

Thin Lizzy – Johnny

Bebop Cortez – Man of the Year

Fist City – Demon Birds

Data Romance – The Deep

Radical Dads – New Age Dinosaur

Bill Callahan – Drover

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