There’s A 68Comeback Goin’ On

To put things in a positive light, the June 16, 2011 show, as well as this list of songs played on it, goes out to the city of Boston MA. Congratulations on your hockey team winning the Stanley Cup, and on your hockey fans’ non-demolishment of your city.

Scholastic  –  Making Mistakes

Nick Lowe  –  (I Love the Sound of) Breaking Glass

Sonic Youth  –  Teenage Riot

Avec Pas D’Casque  –  Faire L’Étoile et Caler Quand Même

First Nations  –  There Is Smoke All Around the Sides of Your Bed

David Buchbinder  –  Prayer

Fugazi  –  By You

Jesse Dangerously  –  Professional Widowmaker

Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80  –  You Can Run

Enon  –  Leave It to Rust

Right On Yukon  –  Bought and Sold

the Mae Shi  –  Born For a Short Time

De La Soul  –  A Rollerskating Jam Called “Saturdays”

Booker T. Jones  –  The Vamp

Menahan Street Band – The Crossing

Duke Ellington – Second Line

Brazilian Money – Give Up That Dog

Shuyler Jansen – Kill January

Bebop Cortez – Slow Steady Ballin’

La Bete – Machines That Dream

Flipper – Life Is Cheap

Slates – Dirty Water

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