Celebrating The Carbon Monoxide Of The Airwaves

I had the privilege, this lunchtime just finished, of sitting next to a group of CKUA types who appeared to be brainstorming slogans for an upcoming orgy of self-congratulation. There wasn’t much that I both overheard and can now remember, but at the same time, I know they didn’t really even scratch the surface of possibility. So, CKUA, because I love to brainstorm as much as the next guy, and because you can always use the help:

Tedious fuckery for tedious fuckers.

You are feeling sleeeeeeepy.

Always happy to ruin a perfectly good lunch.

Sorry you bothered yet?

At least your tax dollars don’t pay for us anymore.

Just imagine how good any one of these would look on a t-shirt or a tote bag, or tattooed on the penis of some guy with incurable erectile dysfunction. Will there be more to follow? I doubt it. Like CKUA itself, the idea of making this list seemed far more entertaining than the reality of the thing.

And of course, in case you have to be reminded, this reflects my own opinion and not anybody else’s. Anybody who doesn’t know as well as I do – and I will admit that there are many of you out there – is free to disagree.

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