Your Daddy Don’t Know What Your 68Comeback’s Gonna Do Tonight

This was the June 9, 2011 edition of the 68 Comeback Special, during which a record number of mothers marked us down on their lists of potentially pleasing characters whose progress they will monitor. And no wonder.

Five Eight  –  Karaoke

Jesse Dangerously  –  Bring Your Girlfriend to Rap Day (feat. Audra Williams)

Kimya Dawson  –  Tire Swing

Dirty Projectors  –  Six Pack

the Ridiculous Trio  –  I Wanna Be Your Dog

Battles  –  My Machines  (feat. Gary Numan)

Fucked Up  –  Queen of Hearts

Slam Dunk  –  Only Fun

Slam Dunk  –  Bleacher Lovin’

Sebadoh  –  License to Confuse

Younger Brother  –  Tetris

Rural Alberta Advantage  –  Stamp

Galactic  –  Garbage Truck

Bebop Cortez – Man of the Year

Mark Davis – Eliminate the Toxins

Crystal Stilts – Flying Into the Sun

Twin Library – Beware of Bees

Jolly Boys – Blue Monday

Wagon Christ – My Lonely Scene

Slates – Dirty Water

Bix Mix Boys – Did She Mention My Name?

Vinyldogtoy – Terror From the Year 5000

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