68Comeback is a Place Where Nothing Ever Happens

Having recently been raptured (long story) and returned to corporeality in order to perform a valuable public service (the 68 Comeback Special), the view from the on-air booth seems a little different today, May 26, 2011. Could you tell?

Talking Heads  –  Heaven

Yacht  –  The Afterlife

Buffalo Tom  –  Heaven

Chad van Gaalen  –  Can You Believe It!?

Sloan  –  Unkind

Spinanes  –  Punch Line Loser

Kate Maki  –  Boredom Blues

Andrew Bird  –  Dark Matter

The Blue Seeds  –  Might As Well Dream

the Jolly Boys  –  Perfect Day

Booker T. Jones  –  The Bronx featuring Lou Reed

Eric Dolphy  –  Straight Up and Down

Athena Holmes  –  Somethin’ Special

Shannon & the Clams  –  Sleep Talk

Hale Hale  –  Lullaby

Bettie Serveert  –  This Thing Nowhere

Okkervil River  –  Your Past Life as a Blast

Serengeti  –  Tanning Season

Gatineau  –  Non, Mais Pourquoi?

Bebop Corez  –  Junior Munchy

Paul MacLeod  –  Instrumental

Obits  –  Naked to the World

the Goldberg Sisters  –  You’re Beautiful When You Die

Ted Hawkins  –  Long As I Can See the Light

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