Ca 68Comeback Pour Moi

It wouldn’t have been May 12, 2011 if there wasn’t Tom and Craig playing songs for two hours of it. And these were those.

Guadalcanal Diary  –  Watusi Rodeo

Shuyler Jansen  –  If It’s Meant to Be

Vampyre Mike Castle  –  Generic Poems 1, 2 & 3

Lee Pui Ming  –  Turning

Coal  –  Ace of Spades

Sonic Youth  –  Ca Plane Pour Moi

Seam  –  This Ain’t No Picnic

Shellac  –  Killers

The Joe  –  Hire Me

Beastie Boys  –  OK

World Standard  –  The Lonely Driver 1952

Daniel Romano  –  Helen’s Restaurant

Shannon and the Clams  –  You Will Always Bring Me Flowers

Damion Suomi & the Minor Prophets  –  I Hope You Die Sad and Alone

The Sandwitches  –  My Heart Does Swell

Black Mastiff – Keep Your Feet

Crystal Stilts – Alien Rivers

Talking Medication – Last Day of Work

Ben Waters/Stones – Watching the River Flow

Wagon Christ – Accordion McShane

Foxtails Brigade – Pan Asian Delight

Grimes & D’Eon – Vanessa

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