Full On 68Comeback’s Mom

Mother’s Day comes but once a year, and if you weren’t celebrating Mother’s Day eve-eve-eve with the 68Comeback Special, then you were doing something else. That said, this is what it looks like if you reduce all the songs we played today into a simple list.

Liz Phair – Cinco de Mayo
Ultra Mega – Da Mystery of Chessboxin’
Teenage Panzercorps – German Reggae
Pink Mountaintops – The Gayest of Sunbeams
Royal Bangs – Triccs
Hunx and the Punx – The Curse of Being Young
Cornershop – Topknot
The Bugs – Theme from “Do Raha”
Brazilian Money – Lost Sense of All Time
Chain and the Gang – Why Not?
Third Sight – Anti-Happy
Sweatshop Union – Bill Murray
Richard Buckner – Traitor
Obits – No Fly List
Noah 23 – Frycook on Venus
Pains of Being Pure At Heart – My Terrible Friend
Jean-Paul de Roover – You
Greg Arcade – No, You Shut Up!
Stan Rogers – Fogarty’s Cove
Fast Romantics – Union Park
Makeout Videotape – Future Boy
Withered Hand – Cornflake
Deep Dark Robot – You Mean Nothing To Me
Hilde Hefte – Vakker Natt
John Coltrane – Ascension Pt 1

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