68Comeback, Deinterrupted

After a week of vacation-imposed separation, the 68 Comeback Special renuites on this, the 17th day of February, 2011, and now we’re stronger than ever! See?

Andrew Bird  –  Fiery Crash

M  –  Pop Muzik

Isaiah Ceccarelli  –  J’existe de Moins en Moins

Christine Fellows  –  Fevrier

The James T. Kirks  –  Deadwood

The James T. Kirks  –  Twilight Living Room

Connoiseurs of Porn  –  Chicken

Negativland  –  A Most Successful Formula

Tommy Guerrero  –  Bullfights on Broadway

Twilight Singers  –  Be Invited

Wire  –  Bad Worn Thing

Dr. Ew  –  Bitter Fruit

Colin Stetson  –  From No Part of Me Could I Summon a Voice

Delicate Steve  –  Wondervisions

The Radio Department –  Pulling Our Weight

The Von Zippers  –   SGWTF

Makeout Videotape – Yin Yang

Old Sins – I’ve Had My Share of Fistfights

Service Fair – I Can’t Wake Up

Corvid Lorax – Art Thief

Carolina Chocolate Drops and Luminescent Orchestra – Hit ’em Up Style

Black Pistol Fire – Suffocation Blues

Les Jupes – One Solemn Oath

The Flying Lizards  –  Money

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