Takin’ Care of 68Comeback

Hey, if you tuned in to the ol’ 68Comeback Special last Thursday and noticed a dearth of voices, that’s because me and Gabe and Sadie all took off for warmer climes, leaving Tom all alone to take care of business. But a dearth of voices should in no way be taken as a dearth of business, which Tom for surely took care of. To wit…

Big Black – Kitty Empire
Wanda Jackson – Shakin’ All Over
Roots Manuva – Worl’ a Mine
Self – What a Fool Believes
Fujiya and Miyagi – Tiawanese Boots
Geoff Berner – Rabbi Berner Finally Reveals His True Religious Agenda
Facecrime – Mystery to Me
Prince Perry and the Gladtones – Love at the End of the Century
Syl Johnson – I’ve Got to Get Over
Tomboyfriend – Anything Can Be Loved
Slates – Tejas
Lurch – L
Matt Haimovitz – Haitian Fight Song
Music From the Film – Waiting For Dinner
Gorgon Horde – Angry Scientists
Oliver Swain – Big Machine
Delicate Steve – Sugar Splash
The Thoughts – Stages of Sleep
Predator Prey – All My Friends
White Fence – Art Investor Collector
Igor Boxx- In Flames
The Unseen Strangers – Time Travel
J Crocker – Amphibian Sounds
Cloud Nothings – Should Have Forget You All the Time
Seefeel – Step Up
Spring Breakup – The Effect I Have on Women
Jom Comyn – Graham Chapman
Miles Davis – Yesternow

Now, nobody’s saying you were fearing for this week, but in case you were, don’t. Everyone will be present and accounted for this coming Thursday, as best we can tell at present, a Monday.

    • Gene
    • February 14th, 2011

    Tom played Facecrime? Whoa, just when I try to escape my past, I get pulled back in again!

      • 68comeback
      • February 14th, 2011

      Fun Fact: Left unsupervised, Tom will do that. He is your past. And your present. And your future. He exists outside of time and space, and according to whim. You should either worship him or beware of him, but you must choose between these.

    • ballbag
    • February 14th, 2011

    any info on the band Lurch? name of the record?

      • 68comeback
      • February 15th, 2011

      The record’s a 7″ called Pet My Pussy. It didn’t win a Grammy in this reality, but it did in all the others.

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