The 68Comeback Special’s Year of the Rabbit (Special)

Based on the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Rabbit begins today. For those who are sticklers for absolute accuracy in their astrology, we’re talking year of the yin metal rabbit, which, to us here at the 68 Comeback Special, seems destined to rock.

So, the following list of songs has been ‘specially calibrated to resonate perfectly with the year we’re just getting underway with. For the best possible listening experience, we suggest you place yourself in the southwesternmost area of your listening environment, which ideally would be Mr. McGregor’s garden, facing north, while eating his lettuce and taking the utmost care to avoid both him and his wife. And leave the rest to us.

Frightened Rabbit  –  I Feel Better

Siskiyou  –  Hold It In

Bebob Cortez  –  Mighty Forces

British Sea Power  –  Thin Black Sail

Big Black  –  The Power of Independent Trucking

Service Fair  –  Just to be Nice

Ray Charles  –  I Got a Woman

Steve Lacy  –  Played Twice

The Joe  –  Apathy

Chikita Violenta  –  The Monster (Was Last Seen Approaching the Power Plant)

Mogwai  –  You’re Lionel Richie

Fembots  –  Variations 1 2 3

Fergus & Geronimo  –  Wanna Know What I Would Do if I Was You?

The Dead Science  –  Throne of Blood (The Jump Off)

The Go! Team  –  Lazy Poltergeist

Galgamex  –  Odin Rides Again (In Space)

Young Galaxy – The Angels Are Surely Weeping

Secret Fires – Travis vs the Truth

Secret Mommy – Music Room

Catlin W Kuzyk – Demon Song

Miesha and the Spanks – Love, Baby

Electricity for Everyone – Corner the Counterfeits

Seefeet – Gzug

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand – Blaise Pascal Wagers that You’re An Asshole

Jason Robinson – The Elders

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