68Comeback, In a Nutshell

The 68Comeback Special presents, on this, the 27th day of January, 2011, the list of songs we listened to while waiting for the tow truck to come and rescue us from the snowbank.

Quiet Life  –  Cave Country

Toques and Beards – Aristocrat Cooker

Big Dick – Bodies

Destroyer – Savage Night of the Opera

The Mark Inside – House of Cards

Smokey – The Worm

Tiny Ruins/Singer of Songs – Running Through the Night

Lady of the Sunshine – Smoking Gun

Sean MacDonald and the Astronauts – Homlette

Rigormorticians – Deathsauce

Julia the Stone – What is Wrong With Me?

Pizzarhea – Transcient Bologna Mating Call

Eugene Mirman  –  The Will to Whatevs

Couples  –  Blued and Black

Cousin Dud  –  South Dakota part II: Chicago & Minnesota

Lisa Marr Experiment  –  How I Got My Pretty Smile

Hidden Words  –  Temple

Fergus & Geronimo  –  Girls With English Accents

The Tammys  –  Egyptian Shumba

The Granny Smiths  –  Boom Boom

Steven Wonderful  –  I’m the Coolest

Long Long Long  –  Mandarin Collars With Women

Les Jupes  –  How Do You Keep This All in Line?



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