Good News, and More Good News

Updated a little while after the big announcement. Scroll down to the bottom, okay?

Today’s the day, ladies and gents. We all know that the 68Comeback Special has features, all kinds of features, all the time. Every week, there’s Gabe with the Grade 4 Report. Once a year, there’s the stab we take at appreciating Pere Ubu. Metal Machine Music Helps Out, check. We like to keep you, the listening audience, entertained.

One of our favourite yearly features is the one where we announce the Former/Aging/Possibly Forgotten UK Punks That We’ll Be Getting Behind in the Coming Year. We like that one a lot, but the name’s always been a little clunky. Not anymore. Its slick new name: The 68Comeback’s Comeback Punk of the Year. That’s the good news. The more good news is, tomorrow on the show, sometime between 3 and 5 on CJSR-FM (we’ll definitely wait until Tom gets there), we’ll announce this year’s recipient of this prestigious honour. You absolutely won’t believe it when you hear who it is. Unless you do.

Update: Best news yet! It’s John Cale!

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