Can You Tell An Album By The Cover Of Its Cover?

Okay, really, who doesn’t love album covers?*

They draw your attention to a record in the first place, they give your eyes something to do while your ears are enjoying the sound of that record – seriously, what’s not to love?

Now, think about your favourite album. Now think about its cover. Or think about an album with a cover that you really like. How would your understanding and appreciation of that album change if its cover changed?** Would you have even spent your allowance on it in the first place if it had a different cover? Would the music inside sound different? Do they have any effin’ right in the world to do this?

Try Cargo Collective’s 33.3 Project , where I found that twist on the The Replacements’ Pleased to Meet Me, on for size. How do those grab you?

Then there’s this batch of minimalist album covers by Ty Lettau. Yes? No? Maybe so?

Finally, what we have here is the covers of albums reimagined as the covers of 1960’s paperback books and we have to think carefully about this for a minute because in the real world, many (ok, all) of the albums here didn’t exist in the era in question, and then there’s that they are not books, so the question is, if you found one on a shelf in Wee Book Inn and opened it up, what would be inside?

*iTunes doesn’t love album covers, the pricks, and there’s only one album cover that Sarah Palin loves.

**Tad had to change the cover of 8-Way Santa, and things were never the same again (sob).

  1. January 5th, 2012

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