The 68Comeback Experience

This is the list of songs we played on this, January 13, 2011, the day before The Joe’s birthday and his record release party and whatnot. Thank you and you are welcome.

Tad  –  Jack Pepsi

Stagmummer  –  S. Artiste

Miniature Tigers  –  Bullfighter Jacket

Gerald Cleaver/Uncle June  –  Lee/Mae

Steven Wonderful  –  Mr. F-L-Y

Yma Sumac  –  Goomba Boomba

K.C. Accidental  –  Save the Last Breath for Me

The Joe  –  Sledge

Doug Hoyer  –  Lakes of Mars

The Joe w/ CBT –  Retirement’s a 4-Letter Word I Scream In Public

Scientific American – Track 2

Jom Comyn – Crying Just For Show

Pioneer – The Boxer

Peep Sho – Ipod Girlz

Cowpuncher – Thank God For Pretty Girls

Pm Glimm – The Sun is Asleep

Pizzarhea – Catamites

Varpai – Symphonic Fields

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