Fondish Farewells

Someone should definitely make sure to tell Tom about this. On today’s 68Comeback Special, a retrospective of the year that was, of sorts. It being the second-last day of the year and all, there’s not going to be all that much to say about 2010 that we’d have to amend next week because we talked about 2010 as though it was over, when it turned out not to be over, if you know what I mean. Though I’ve surely jinxed that now. I’ve mentioned it before, I believe, that I don’t make year end lists anymore, but that doesn’t mean I ain’t got a few fond moments stored in my memory banks of records that I fairly liked and nice people who came by our show for visits. Does Tom make lists? You should try and remember to ask him when you tell him what the overarching theme of the show is going to be, and hey, while you’re doing that, try and remember also to remind him that I’m going to want him to do a reenactment of Van Morrison’s epic folkfest jerkwagonry. Tune in to the 68Comeback Special today on CJSR-FM between 3 and 5 for a quick peek at 2010 before it gets stuffed down the memory hole!

Updated several hours later: also, Ningali & flEm will come in to discuss the artful thingamajig, Travails of Two Cities, that they will be performing at Wunderbar on January 3, 2011, which is in THE FUTURE.

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