Kickin’ It Live from 3 to 5

Tom was unexpectedly called in to save the day on this, December 16, 2010, and this exact list of songs, played in this exact order, was the exact soundtrack tool he required in order to prevail. Funny how things work out, eh?

Monks  –  Complications

Say Hi  –  November Was White, December Was Grey

Lab Coast  –  For Now

Sister  –  Wishbone

the Replacements  –  Customer

les Tabernacles  –  Ten Most Wanted

Ohama  –  Julie is a TV Set

Bauer  –  I’m Starting a War With Dolphins

Hank Mobley  –  Greasin’ Easy

Ox  –  Good King Wenceslas

Memphis Complaints Choir  –  Can You Hear Me Now

the Kinks  –  People Take Pictures of Each Other

Suuns  –  Sweet Nothing

Thelonious Monster  –  Sammy Hagar Weekend

Iron & Wine  –  Peng!33/Sacred Vision

Shooting Guns  –  Dopestrings

Pissed Jeans  –  Sam Kinison Woman

Sugar Hill Gang  –  Kick it Live from 9 to 5

Peaches  –  Relax

Spoon  –  Everything Hits At Once

Miniature Tigers  –  Japanese Woman Living in My Closet

Hellogoodbye  –  Something You Misplaced

Phono D’Enfant  –  The Night is Wrapping Its Wings Around Us



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