Otherwise Known as Amy the Great

We dedicated the entire December 9, 2010 edition of the 68 Comeback Special to you, Amy van Keeken. Now it’s just a list of songs, but we dedicate that to you, too.

Guillermo Gregorio Trio  –  Red Skies

The Supersuckers  –  the 19th Most Powerful Woman in Rock

Heart  –  Barracuda

The Secretaries – Woman, Woman

Cadence Weapon, The Joe, Mitchmatic – Lemonade

Syl Johnson – Sockin’ Soul Power

Black Mountain – Rollercoaster

Esther Lamneck, Roberto Fabbriciani – 4

Jonathan Richman – If You Want To Leave Our Party Just Go

Royskopp – Coming Home

Christine Bougie  –  Chet & Chomsky

Steven Jesse Bernstein  –  Morning in the Sub-Basement of Hell

Treepeople  –  Big Mouth Strikes Again

Smokey Joe (Live In-Studio)  –  The Worm

Sointula Complaints Choir  –  History Always Trumps Common Sense

Spinanes  –  Noel, Jonah and Me

Replacements  –  Hey Good Lookin’

Robbie Fulks  –  Busy Not Crying

Kathleen Edwards  –  The Cheapest Key

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